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Emily Rynasko, Nicky Wood to Star in the Maltz Jupiter Theatre's Through the Looking Glass

Emily Rynasko in Through the Looking Glass
(© Tim Pereira)
Maltz Jupiter Theatre is set to present the premiere of John Mercurio and Andrew Kato's Through the Looking Glass, October 12 at 8pm. Kato will direct.

In Through the Looking Glass, a modern-day Alice who is having trouble fitting in with her peers at school, learns how to face her rivals by working through her feelings in her dreams.

The cast will feature a 28 local young actors including Riley Anthony, 15; Alexandra Beltran, 11; Althea Celey, 11; Keagan Cerny, 17; Skye Friedman, 10; Carmen Garcia, 12; Eva Gluck, 13; Emily Gough, 12; Laura Guley, 14; Tamara Hoffenden, 12; Charlotte Krieger, 10; Emily Levasseur, 11; Abbie Levasseur, 13; Sophia Liano, 8; Caiti Marlowe, 16; Claire Oberlin, 12; Lauren O'Keefe, 15; Kiel Peterson, 15; Sophie Phillips, 13; Alina Pinmentel, 12; Solana Rudintsky, 9; Emily Rynasko, 14; Olivia Schiappa, 13; Emily Sima, 17; Molli Sramowicz, 11; Emily Winkler, 12; and Nicky Wood, 17.

Choreography will be by Ricky Nahas and costumes will be by Leslye Menshouse.

For more information and tickets to Through the Looking Glass, click here.


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