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Michael Moore Previews His New Broadway Show, The Terms of My Surrender

The new play is directed by Michael Mayer. logo

Oscar-winning filmmaker Michael Moore will make his Broadway debut this summer with his new play The Terms of My Surrender. At Sardi's this morning, Moore and his director, Tony winner Michael Mayer, hosted a press conference to discuss what audiences should expect from the production at Broadway's Belasco Theatre beginning July 28.

Michael Moore makes his Broadway debut this summer.
(© David Gordon)

"This is an original piece," said Moore, whose body of work includes the documentaries Roger and Me, Bowling for Columbine, Fahrenheit 9/11, and the recent Michael Moore in Trumpland. "There will be a very subversive, but urgent, tone and sense to this. It's not like anything, really, I think you've seen."

Moore is loathe to call the piece a "solo show," though. "I'm the central, mainly only, person, but I may not be the only person onstage," he added with a hint of vagueness.

Michael Moore introduces his new show, The Terms of My Surrender.
(© David Gordon)

Mayer went further: "Michael will be responding to the news of the day, so every evening will be different in certain ways." There might be guest stars that appear, and the production may even continue on the street of the theater after the show itself ends.

They both describe the show as a "take no prisoners" evening, one that opens August 10 and continues for 12 weeks.

The Terms of My Surrender, directed by Michael Mayer (left), is written by Michael Moore, who will also star.
(© David Gordon)

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