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Exclusive Listen: Kendra Erika and Constantine Maroulis Release a Wicked Dance Track

“As Long as You’re Mine” installs a mirror ball in this new single.

Constantine Maroulis and Kendra Erika celebrate the return of Broadway.
Constantine Maroulis and Kendra Erika celebrate the return of Broadway.
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Recording artist Kendra Erika has just recorded a new dance cover of "As Long as You're Mine" from the musical Wicked in celebration of the triumphant return of Broadway. The track features vocals by Broadway star Constantine Maroulis (Rock of Ages) and was co-produced by Rob Evan and Giuseppe D.

"It was so fun to get a little… Wicked with Kendra in the studio and take this contemporary classic duet to a sexier place," said Maroulis.

"As Long as You're Mine" is a touching duet of clandestine love sung between Elphaba (known to unenlightened audiences as the "Wicked Witch of the West") and Fiyero, the Winkie Prince. This uptempo remake is sure to have super fans of the Stephen Schwartz musical dancing through life.

"I've been drawn to this song since I first heard it and saw it performed in Wicked at a younger age, so I wanted to bring that very essence I felt in this spin on it," said Erika. "Constantine has a similar approach to bringing that sexual energy to performing as I do, and being that people are now appreciating each other on more intimate levels again, we made that a force to be remembered."

The song will be available for streaming on Apple Music and Spotify tomorrow, but TheaterMania readers can have an exclusive first listen today:

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