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Actors' Shakespeare Project's Edward II Begins Performances at Charleston Working Theater

Maurice Emmanuel Parent plays the titular Edward II. logo
Maurice Emmanuel Parent takes on the title role in Christopher Marlowe's Edward II, directed by David R. Gammons, at the Charlestown Working Theater.
(© Rishi Basu)

Edward II begins performances tonight at Charlestown Working Theater.

Christopher Marlowe's Edward II uses the tumultuous history of 14th-century England to share one man's struggle between self-identity and the demands of his court and kingdom. In the wake of Edward I's death, his son has taken the throne as Edward II. His radical ideas around affairs of state, lack of military acumen, and loyalty to his ambitious lover Piers Gaveston pit him against powerful nobles and his calculating Queen Isabella. These conflicts lead to Gaveston's exile and murder, new and shifting romantic loyalties on all sides, and revenge and retribution that ultimately seal Edward's fate.

David R. Gammon's directs Maurice Emmanuel Parent as Edward II and Jennie Israel as Isabella. The cast also features Eddie Shields (Gaveston), Nigel Gore (Lancaster), Nile Hawver (Kent), Alex Pollock (Mortimer), Stewart Evan Smith (Spencer), and David J. Castillo (Prince Edward III),

The production team includes Sara Brown (set design), Jeff Adelberg (lighting design), Rachel Pudula-Shufelt (costume design), Dave Wilson (sound design), and Arkansas Light (stage manager).

Performances continue through March 19.

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