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When It Comes To Women follows Michael, the central character, over 23 years from 1971 through 1994 as he barrels through life attempting, in the most American way, to complete himself, hoping to find a legitimate place in our competitive, brutal, confusing community. His struggle takes him from the idealism of young adulthood, through to the complex experience of hard earned middle age, from being a nobody, to becoming a somebody and a success, from passionate single guy to married father — and back. Michael is serious, sexy, funny, intelligent, romantic, and hard-headed; he’s a contemporary man in full, emblematic of our culture and time. We follow Michael’s progress, victories, and failures almost exclusively through his sequential relationships with 6 separate magnificent, memorable, intelligent and highly desirable women. To become a man is difficult enough; to become a complete, authentic adult man in the total sense of life’s possibilities is the awesome challenge.

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Dates: Opening Night: October 15, 2005 Final Performance: December 18, 2005

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