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Finalists Announced for F. Otto Haas Award

Sarah Sanford
Sarah Sanford

Kala Moses Baxter, Jeb Kreager, Matt Pfeiffer, Sarah Sanford, and Charlotte Cloe Fox Wind are the finalists for the F. Otto Hass Award for an Emerging Philadelphia Theatre Artist. Administered by Carole Haas Gravagno, the winner will receive a $10,000 cash prize, and each remaining finalist will receive a $1,000 prize. The winner will be announced at the Barrymore Awards Ceremony, October 6, in the Crystal Tea Room.

Baxter recently played Berniece in The Piano Lesson at the Arden Theatre Company, and her other credits include The Piano Lesson, The BFG, The Snow Queen, Charlotte’s Web, and Grapes of Wrath. Kreager is nominated for a Barrymore for Leading Actor in Frozen and Supporting Actor in Mr. Marmalade. His other credits include The European Lesson, Mr. Bailey’s Minder, and Recent Tragic Events. Pfeiffer is nominated for a Barrymore for Outstanding Direction for Bug, and his other credits include Glengarry Glen Ross, Red Light Winter, and The Foocy.

Sanford was a 2007 Haas semi-finalist; she recently appeared in The European Lesson, and her other credits include Hell Meets Henry Halfway, Othello, and she was winner of the Best Emerging Director Award for Appetite at last year’s Summerworks Festival in Canada. Wind is nominated for a Barrymore for Outstanding Costume Design for The Illusion, and was also a 2006 Haas Award finalist and winner of the 2002 Barrymore Award for Outstanding Actress in a Musical for Chicago. Other recent design credits include Disco Descending, This is the Week That Is, Cherry Bomb, and Le Dindon (An Absolute Turkey).

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