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Stations of Desire: Cyber-Playwriting Goes Live

On Monday, June 5, at 8pm, 10 of the most innovative and resourceful small theaters across the country will present simultaneous readings of Stations of Desire: Saints, Sinners, and In-Between, an online text collaboration conceived and edited by Caridad Svich.

From January to June 1999, 13 writers from around the country experimented with a new way collaborate–via e-mail, with responses generated from Svich’s weekly directives. The cyber-process culminates in a unique production which features a diverse and accomplished batch of contemporary playwrights: Neena Beber, Cusi Cram, Jorge Cortinas, Heather Dundas, Julie Hebert, Julie Jensen, Ruth Margraff, Rachelle Minkoff, Anne Garcia Romero, Kate Snodgrass, Caridad Svich, Candido Tirado, and Elizabeth Wong.

While the reading itself will be a casual theatrical event (no technology required), participating theaters across the country–Bottom’s Dream (Los Angeles), Salvage Vanguard (Austin), New Georges (New York City), Theatre Double (Philadelphia), CollaborAction (Chicago), Theatre in My Basement (Minneapolis), ReaLive Productions (Denver), Theatre Simple (Seattle), and Core Performance Manufactory and Rm. 120 Productions (Dallas)–will be connected and communicating throughout the process via ICQ, an instant messaging software. The presentations will start at 8pm in each of the theaters’ respective time zones, so they will progress Westward.

In New York, New Georges’ presentation of Stations will be co-directed by Elyse Singer, Jessica Davis, and Allison Eve Zell. The event is open to the public. New Georges/The Room is located at 27 West 20th Street, Room 701; for reservations, phone 212-620-0113. The suggested donation is $5.