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New Drama Terezin, Written by J.R.R. Tolkien's Great-Grandson, Set for Run

The work will be produced at the Peter Jay Sharp Theater.

Natasa Petrovic stars in '"Terezin''.
Natasa Petrovic stars in Terezin.
(photo provided by Richard Kornberg & Associates)

The Steinberg Theater Group will present the world premiere of Terezin, a new play by Nicholas Tolkien, the great grandson of novelist J.R.R. Tolkien. The production will run at the Peter Jay Sharp Theater June 13-July 2, under Tolkien's direction.

Based in part on The Terezin Diary of Gonda Redlich, the play tells the story of two Jewish girls — Alexi, a brilliant violin player, and her friend Violet — locked in desperate struggle for survival after arriving at Terezin. After Violet mysteriously disappears and Alexi’s only hope to find her is with the aid of a Nazi commander offering her a Faustian bargain — teach him to play the violin and he will reveal Violet's whereabouts. But could you really trust the very man who ordered the deportation and extermination of your own people?

The company is led by Natasa Petrovic and Sasha K. Gordon as Violet, alongside Skyler Gallun, Michael Leigh Cook, Sam Gibbs, Sophia Davey, Charlie Manoukian, Ashley Siflinger, Blake Lewis, Isabel Lodge, Peter Angelinas, Alex Escher, and Morgan Ashley Reichberg. The production features scenic design by Anna Driftmier, lighting design by Amanada Szabó, sound design by David Van Tiegham, and costume design by Belinda Michelle Hancock.

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