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Kingfishers Catch Fire Extends at Irish Repertory Theatre

Sean Gormley and Haskell King star in this world premiere of Robin Glendinning’s play.

Sean Gormley and Haskell King star in Kingfishers Catch Fire.
Sean Gormley and Haskell King star in Kingfishers Catch Fire.
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Irish Repertory Theatre has announced a one-week extension of its world premiere of Robin Glendinning's Kingfishers Catch Fire. Originally scheduled to run through October 20, the production will now run through October 27 in the W. Scott McLucas Studio Theatre.

The story is described as follows: "It's 1948 when Monsignor Hugh O'Flaherty first visits the infamous Nazi Herbert Kappler in the Italian prison where Kappler is serving a life sentence for crimes against humanity. During World War II, the men were adversaries; Kappler was the head of the Gestapo in German-occupied Rome, and Monsignor O'Flaherty was using the cover of Vatican neutrality to shelter and arrange for the escape of thousands of Allied servicemen and Jewish civilians. Kappler placed a bounty on O'Flaherty's head, but O'Flaherty evaded capture, earning the nickname 'The Scarlet Pimpernel of the Vatican.' When these two men meet after the war, profound questions of responsibility and redemption rattle the cages. Based on a true story, Kingfishers Catch Fire examines morality and personal culpability for actions taken during a devastating war."

The cast includes Sean Gormley (Rebel in the Soul) as Monsignor O'Flaherty, and Haskell King (Please Continue) as Kappler. Kent Paul directs. The production features set design by Edward Morris, costume design by Linda Fisher, lighting design by Matthew McCarthy, and sound design by Rob Rees.

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