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Immersive Play Odd Man Out Sets Off-Broadway Run in Complete Darkness

The drama charts the story of a man’s journey from Argentina to New York and back.

A scene from Odd Man Out
(image provided by the production)

Pitchblack Immersive Experiences, in association with Radio Drama Network, will present an off-Broadway run of its immersive play Odd Man Out, running June 28-July 21 at the Sheen Center’s Shiner Theatre.

Odd Man Out tells the story of Alberto, a blind musician flying home from New York to Buenos Aires after decades of self-exile. Performed in complete darkness, audience members are engaged with a full sensory experience as they learn the story of Alberto’s life.

The production began at Teatro Ciego in Argentina in October 2019 as a fully live, immersive theatrical production. It was presented in a semi-live format at the Flea during the winter of 2021/2022, before returning as fully live production at the Bristol Riverside Theatre in December 2022.

The cast of Odd Man Out features Carmen Borla, Gonzalo Trigueros, Bree Klauer, Agustina Cedraschi, Andrés Montejo, Lorenza Bernasconi, Mauricio Marte, Rafael Esteban, and Giorgia Valenti.

Odd Man Out is written by Martín Bondone and is directed by Bondone, Facundo Bogarín, and Carlos Armesto.

Of an audio production performed amid the Covid pandemic, our critic said Odd Man Out is “a story that is both relatable and specific, powerfully conveyed by top-notch voice acting, especially from the lead performer.”

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Odd Man Out

Performances begin: June 28, 2024