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Flashback Friday: Muriel's Wedding Was the OG ABBA Musical

The 1994 movie is becoming a musical, but Toni Collette and Rachel Griffiths set the bar with their “Waterloo.”

Earlier this week, the new Muriel's Wedding musical announced its leading lady, set to star in the world-premiere production at the Sydney Theatre Company this fall.

Newcomer Maggie McKenna has big shoes to fill as Muriel Heslop, the socially awkward ABBA fanatic famously played by Toni Collette in the 1994 Australian film. However, onstage, this scene of Muriel and her fellow outcast Rhonda (played by Rachel Griffiths) dueting to "Waterloo" promises some extra special musical-theater sparkle that no amount of fancy camera work can capture. Refresh your memory of the white spandex, flare pants, and immaculate choreography, and recall just how Muriel first danced her way into our hearts over two decades ago.