Flashback Friday: Jordan Fisher Serenaded His Way to the Top of Rent: Live

Everyone fell in love with Doody after this performance of “Those Magic Changes.”

Fox got the recipe right in 2016 with Grease Live!, its first foray into the wave of televised musicals and the mostly widely praised of the new genre by a mile. As the network preps for its next production, a live broadcast of Rent scheduled for January 27, 2019, the philosophy seems to be "if it ain't broke, don't fix it."

Vanessa Hudgens is going from Rizzo to Maureen, and Jordan Fisher is being upgraded from sidekick Doody to leading man Mark. To remind you of what earned Fisher (now an alum of Broadway's Hamilton) such a prestigious promotion, we'd like to refer you to his swoony rendition of "Those Magic Changes." Watch this and then imagine how great he'll be at the "Tango: Maureen."