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Five Mile Lake Set to Make East Coast Premiere

Rachel Bonds’ play begins its run tonight at McCarter Theatre Center.

Rachel Bonds' play Five Mile Lake makes its east coast premiere tonight at McCarter Theatre Center.
Rachel Bonds is the author of Five Mile Lake, which makes its East Coast premiere tonight at McCarter Theatre Center.

Performances of Five Mile Lake begin tonight at the McCarter Theatre Center. The story follows Jamie, who lives in a small, Pennsylvania town and is working to fix up his grandfather’s old lake house. His life is quiet, despite his pining for troubled coworker Mary. However, when his brother shows up in town with a new girlfriend, Jamie’s world is thrown into disorder. The story speaks to regret, lost loves, and the depths that lie beneath still waters.

Written by Rachel Bonds and directed by Emily Mann, the play features Tobias Segal as Jamie, Kristen Bush as Mary, Nathan Darrow as Rufus, Mahira Kakkar as Peta, and Jason Babinsky as Danny.

"Rachel’s writing is exquisite," says director Emily Mann. "Her plays capture quiet moments and interactions that have large, life-changing implications for the characters, all of whom are vividly drawn, familiar, and lovable. Five Mile Lake is about a small town — not unlike the small towns from which both Rachel and I hail. When I read it, I immediately connected to the story, which seems, in so many ways, to capture elements of my own young adulthood."

The creative team includes Edward Pierce (set design), Jennifer von Mayrhauser (costume design), Jeff Croiter (lighting design), and Daniel Perelstein (sound design).

Performances will run through May 31.

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