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Fawlty Towers Stage Play, Written by John Cleese, to Premiere in the West End

The new comedy combines three episodes of the iconic series.

4. L R Manuel (Hemi Yeroham), Polly (Victoria Fox), Basil (Adam Jackson Fox) and Sybil (Anna Jane Casey)
A promotional image for Fawlty Towers, featuring characters Manuel (Hemi Yeroham), Polly (Victoria Fox), Basil (Adam Jackson Fox), and Sybil (Anna-Jane Casey)
(image provided by the production)

A stage adaptation of the beloved British sitcom Fawlty Towers will take up residence at the Apollo Theatre in London’s West End beginning May 4.

Adapted for the stage by series cocreator John Cleese, the two-hour play incorporates three episodes, The Hotel InspectorThe Germans, and Communication Problems, into a single storyline with a new ending that ties the plots together. These three episodes were originally written by Cleese and Connie Booth, both of whom starred in the original television show. Directed by Caroline Jay Ranger, Fawlty Towers debuted in Melbourne in 2016, before embarking on an Australian tour.

Joining Ranger on the creative team are set and costume designer Liz Ascroft, lighting designer Ian Scott, assistant director Denise Ranger, and resident director Chris Kiely.

The company will be led by Adam Jackson-Smith as cranky hotelier Basil Fawlty, Anna-Jane Casey as his more competent wife Sybil Fawlty, Victoria Fox as housekeeper Polly, and Hemi Yeroham as Spanish waiter Manuel, alongside Paul Nicholas (as The Major), Rachel Izen (as Mrs. Richards), Steven Meo (as Mr. Hutchinson/German guest), Kate Russell-Smith (as Miss Tibbs), Nicola Sanderson (as Miss Gatsby), Greg Haiste (as Mr. Thurston/German guest), Danny Bayne (as Mr. Walt/Dr. Finn), Neil Stuart (as Taxi Driver/Mr. Firkins/Mr. Kerr/Mr. Sharp), and Emma Fenney (as German guest). Completing the company are Mia Austen, John Hasler, Dale Superville, Ben Jacobson and Suzy Bloom.

Fawlty Towers originally starred Cleese and Booth, alongside Prunella Scales and Andrew Sachs. Widely regarded as one of the best British television shows of all time, it only ran for 12 episodes, which aired on BBC Two between 1975 and 1979.