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Emma Soundtrack, Starring Kelli Barrett, to Be Released

Paul Gordon’s streaming musical was filmed last spring.

Kelli Barrett is the star of the musical Emma.
Kelli Barrett is the star of the musical Emma.
(© Tricia Baron)

Broadway Records will release the album Emma (Original Soundstage Recording) on Friday, January 11, to digital outlets. The album will be available in stores on Friday, January 25.

Written by Paul Gordon and inspired by the Jane Austen novel, the album features Kelli Barrett in the title role, as well as Caitlin Brooke, Lauren "Coco" Cohn, Adam Daveline, Richert Easley, Timothy Gulan, Brian Herndon, Pamela Winslow Kashani, Dani Marcus, Don Richard, Sharon Rietkerk, and Will Reynolds.

Emma was briefly staged at the Westside Theatre this spring, during which time it was filmed for audience viewing. It can be streamed here.