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Casting Announced for Original Adaptation of Lone Star Off-Broadway

Matt de Rogatis, Ryan McCartan, and Ana Isabelle star.

Matt de Rogatis
Matt de Rogatis
(photo courtesy of the production)

Ruth Stage, a New Jersey based nonprofit multi media group that aims to keep the classics alive by re-introducing thought-provoking, seminal playwrights to more audiences, presents the off-Broadway premiere of Lone Star by James McLure and directed by Joe Rosario. The show runs November 25-December 23 at Theatre Row.

Lone Star is a dark comedy that takes place in the cluttered back yard of a small-town Texas bar and explores the depths of brotherhood and the scars to be dealt with from battles fought at home and abroad. Roy, a brawny macho type, is back in town after Vietnam, battling symptoms of PTSD.

Matt de Rogatis (Brick in Ruth Stage’s production of Cat on a Hot Tin Roof) plays Roy, Ryan McCartan (FrozenHeathers The Musical) plays Cletis, and Ana Isabelle (Rosalia in Steven Spielberg’s West Side Story) plays Elizabeth. Additional casting will be announced soon.

Ruth Stage has been granted exclusive permission from the McLure Estate to combine elements of Lone Star’s sister play, Laundry and Bourbon, to create a one-of-a-kind adaptation. Live music from the Vietnam era will be woven throughout the adaptation, which will also feature an original song written and performed by Isabelle.

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