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Broadway Shockers 2019: Broadway Sings Through a Blackout

When the lights went out in July, Broadway took to the streets.

The phrase "the show must go on" got new meaning this past summer when a freak transformer fire took out the power across Broadway. Pretty much every show except for Be More Chill and Beetlejuice were plunged into darkness.

But of course, you can't keep performers from performing. Come From Away brought the spirit of Newfoundland out onto 45th Street, Hadestown gave the good people of 48th Street a New Orleans jazz band show, and Shoshana Bean and the cast of Waitress serenaded the crowds (and firemen) on 47th.

There were probably some cranky ticket holders that day, but the spirit of Broadway was never brighter.

— Chad Kimball (@chadkimball1) July 14, 2019

— Hadestown (@hadestown) July 14, 2019