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Ben Rimalower's Patti Issues and Bad With Money to Return to the Duplex

The shows will play a double-bill engagement.

Ben Rimalower's solo shows Bad With Money and Patti Issues have extended their repertory run at The Duplex.
Ben Rimalower's solo shows Bad With Money and Patti Issues run in at the Duplex.

Ben Rimalower's two solo shows, Bad With Money & Patti Issues, will return to New York on a double-bill evening of shows, Sunday, November 19, and Monday, December 19, at the Duplex. Both plays are written and performed by Rimalower and directed by Aaron Mark.

Rimalower's debut play, Patti Issues, which first opened in 2012, explores his obsession with Broadway diva Patti LuPone and his relationship with his troubled gay father. Bad With Money follows his battle with spending beyond his means — a journey that takes him through drug addiction, prostitution, fraud, and multiple betrayals.

"People tend to be familiar now with alcohol and drug addiction — and I've got those too," says Rimalower. "But spending money I don't have is really my drug of choice. And considering how many people suffer from the same problem, it's staggering how seldom it's discussed."

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