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Atlantic Theater Casts Readings for Immigrant MixFest

The festival will feature new plays by Kemiyondo Coutinho, Rachel De-lahay, Shadi Ghaheri, Kate Mulvany, and Karen Zacarías.

Sean Carvajal will perform in the Immigrant MixFest reading of Karen Zacarías's The Copper Children on August 15.
Sean Carvajal will perform in the Immigrant MixFest reading of Karen Zacarías's The Copper Children on August 15.
(© Tricia Baron)

Atlantic Theater Company has announced casting for Immigrant MixFest, a series of free readings co-produced by Saheem Ali, Shadi Ghaheri, and Arian Moayed, that will run from August 14-20 at Atlantic Stage 2.

The festival will kick off on August 14 at 5pm with a group panel moderated by Arian Moayed, and featuring Saheem Ali, Mei Ann Teo, and Darko Tresnjak. Atlantic will go on to host readings of full-length plays by Kemiyondo Coutinho, Rachel De-lahay, Shadi Ghaheri, Kate Mulvany, and Karen Zacarías. The schedule is as follows.

The Copper Children
by Karen Zacarías
directed by Shariffa Ali
Thursday, August 15, 2pm

Featuring Sean Carvajal, Gisela Chípe, John J. Concado, Vivia Font, Adriana Gaviria, Suzelle Palacios, José Joaquin Perez, Lina Sarrello, Chris Stack, and Monica Steuer

Based on the history of "orphan trains" that transported immigrant children to homes in the West, this Oregon Shakespeare Festival American Revolutions play explores the events that led to the sensational (and now-forgotten) "Trial of the Century" custody case that stirred the nation into a frenzied debate about children, law, race, class and religion. The Copper Children takes a sharp look at the collision of good intentions and despicable behavior, blending humor, tragedy, joy and unsentimental social commentary.

Tosca Tehran
written and directed by Shadi Ghaheri
Thursday, August 15, 7pm

Featuring Keivon Akbari, Bahar Beihaghi, Ali Reza Farahnakian, Andrea Goldman, Sam Khazai, Abraham Makany, Sade Namei, Hassan Nazari-Robati, and Vida Tayebati

Tosca Tehran is a story of a group of Iranian actors who with the risk of getting arrested – or worse – have decided to perform the uncensored Tosca in an international festival in Tehran, Iran. A place where religion is weaponized to arrest, execute and destroy people who believe in love, freedom and justice.

by Rachel De-lahay
directed by Saheem Ali
Friday, August 16, 2pm

Featuring Crystal Finn, Brandon Gill, Toney Goins, and Austin Smith

Anka got in and is here for good. Olufemi is being coached to break back in. Bashir has been here forever but he's just been sent into limbo. Lisa wants to send them all home. Welcome to England. A journey into the heart of what it is to be a citizen, and finding a place where you belong. A cutting new play about immigration and exile, and what happens when people fall through the cracks.

Cinderellas of America
by Kemiyondo Coutinho
directed by Pirronne Yousefzadeh
Monday, August 19, 2pm

Featuring Frankie Alvarez, Ngozi Anyanwu, Ezra Barnes, Sahar Bibiyan, Maggie Benedict, Philip Estrera, Lateefah Holder, and Michael McIntire

When Nomi's happily ever after is threatened by border control, she takes matters into her own hands, only to find that the grass is not always greener on the American side. Cinderellas of America explores the immigrant experience in America today and what the immigrant is willing (and not willing) to do in pursuit of the shiny glass slipper that is inevitably lost.

The Seed
by Kate Mulvany
directed by Mei Ann Teo
Tuesday, August 20, 7pm

Featuring Daniel Oreskes, Peter Gerety, and Sarah Snook

Based on real events, The Seed tells the story of three generations of one family and the impact of war on all their lives. Brian Maloney is an IRA soldier begrudgingly living in Nottingham, England. On his birthday, he is visited by his long-lost son Danny, a "ten-pound pom" and Vietnam Veteran now living in Australia. Danny is accompanied by his daughter Rose – a writer dealing with the repercussions of her father's involvement in the war and desperately trying to write his story. As the characters settle in on Guy Fawkes Night, for what should be an evening of celebration and healing, the realms of truth and lies, war and peace, family and foe, become blurred, and the three lives begin to entangle and strangle.

Admission is free. To RSVP to a reading, click here.