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Ann Hampton Callaway to Share Her Story and Her Very Own Music in Concert

The elder Callaway sister is flying solo and bearing her soul in the process.

"I want to uplift people with some of the things I've learned," multi-platinum-selling singer and songwriter Ann Hampton Callaway asserted in explanation of the personal content in her new 54 Below show. "It's going to be kind of a chronological musical look at some of the key moments in my life…with some original songs."

Calloway was most recently seen at 54 Below in a concert with her sister, Tony nominee Liz Callaway. And though she'll of course miss performing alongside her favorite costar, Calloway says going solo allows her to add some special elements into the show.

"It gives me more freedom, musically, do just do whatever I want," she said. "When I'm singing with Liz I don't do as much jazz. I don't do as much original material." She added, "[Liz] will probably join me one or two times throughout the run and do something together, which will be a fun surprise."

The weeklong event will run from November 23-29, which Callaway feels is appropriate: "I love the fact that it's happening on Thanksgiving week because it's a time of being grateful for everything and seeing everything as a blessing — the hardships in life and the losses and everything. One song I'm planning on doing is 'On My Way to You,' which is a beautiful lyric by the Bergmans. It talks about, if I had changed one single step, I may not have come to you, and to me that's really kind of the message of the show."

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