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4,000 Miles Opens at Shakespeare & Company

Nicole Ricciardi directs Amy Herzog’s play.

Gregory Boover and Annette Miller star in 4000 Miles at Shakespeare & Company.
Gregory Boover and Annette Miller star in 4,000 Miles at Shakespeare & Company.
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4,000 Miles opens tonight at Shakespeare & Company.

Amy Herzog's play follows Vera and Leo, a grandmother and grandson, locked in a moving and most amusing battle of wits. Life has dealt them a series of shocks, and yet, they and two intrepid young women continue to seek meaning through human contact in a humorous portrait of the disenfranchised.

The cast features Gregory Boover as Leo, Emma Geer as Bec, Zoë Laiz as Amanda, and Annette Miller as Vera. Nicole Ricciardi directs.

"In Ms. Herzog’s play, Leo is miles from home, lost, avoiding the familiar," says Ricciardi. "Vera is just as aimless, shuffling into a life of meaningless small details. They are distant relatives, generationally divided. Both yearn for human connection and understanding. And yet…they struggle to communicate. They bicker. They joust. They leave things unsaid. And after weeks of close physical proximity, the dam breaks and everything begins to change."

The creative team includes set designer John McDermott, lighting designer James W. Bilnoski, costume designer Stella Schwartz, and sound designer Amy Altadonna. The stage manager is Fran Rubenstein.

Performances continue through July 16.

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