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Neal Medlyn
Promotional image for Brave New Girl
The Chocolate Factory Theater has announced its fall 2010 season, which will open with Brian Rogers' Selective Memory, to run September 8-18. This real-time video performance piece will investigate the ways in which people misremember events and will feature Madeline Best, who will co-design video with Rogers.

Other offerings will include Neal Medlyn's pop culture-themed, Brave New Girl, (September 29 - October 2) and two installments of Throw (September 14, November 9), free events at which artists perform works-in-progress.

In addition, Chocolate Factory will present such dance theater pieces as Ivy Baldwin Dance's Here Rests Peggy (October 20-30); Pele Bauch Performance's H to Oh, (November 3-6); Anneke Hansen's look at them long and long, (November 17-20); Melanie Maar's Spaces and Bones (December 1-4), and Tara O'Con's Underneath Where We Are (December 15-18).

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