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Iain Armitage Is the East Coast's Cutest Theater Reviewer Who Needs a Chaperone and Booster Seat

Son of Broadway’s Euan Morton, this pint-size critic has filmed reviews of shows like ”Sunday in the Park” and ”Hedwig”…which he wasn’t allowed to see.

"My little man's not going to need me to take him to see theater…Producers are calling my son and offering him tickets as long as he gives them a review," said Broadway veteran Euan Morton about his 6-year-old burgeoning theater journalist, Iain.

Iain's YouTube reviews (filmed by his mom) have recently become something of an Internet sensation. According to Morton, Iain's been interviewed on ABC World News, Fox, and MTV about his unique brand of theater criticism: unfailing no-holds-barred enthusiasm.

"My son never gives a bad review…He sees a lot of theater…and he began to put little reviews out online — reviews of Les Mis or Hedwig, which he couldn't see," Morton explains.

Below, TheaterMania has assembled some of the most glowing, adorable, and (in the case of Hedwig) irate moments from Iain's career.

In this review, Iain calls Pippin "one of the best shows of his life."

Iain reviews Kinky Boots in a Scottish accent because the show takes place in England.

Iain describes A Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder as "kind of like an opera, a play, and kind of like a musical."

The most adorable part of this Waiting for Godot review is Iain's overwhelming love for Sir Ian.

Iain says Les Miserables is "a feelings show."

Bullets Over Broadway is kind of a scary title but the choreography is great, says Iain.

Iain reviews Atomic off-Broadway, starring Euan Morton, who Iain thinks did "a really good job."

It's really freaking Iain out that Hedwig isn't appropriate for 6-year-olds.

Iain's review of Sunday in the Park With George at Signature Theatre is probably the most nuanced and thoughtful commentary on a musical you'll hear this week.

A Special Bonus: Iain's tear-inducing "Finishing the Hat"