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The Rhythm Club Sports Cyber-Opening Months Before Broadway Premiere logo

Proving that it's never too early to create a buzz, the producers of next season's highly anticipated Broadway musical, The Rhythm Club, have launched a website to entice fans of the theater and timeless swing music.

Early in the century, swing became the music of a freedom-seeking and fun-loving generation. The Rhythm Club juxtaposes this liberating music with the most repressive government in history: the Nazi regime. Unbeknownst to many Americans, swing music had a passionate following in Germany, where it represented a desperate attempt to feel free in a totalitarian society. This setting is the vehicle of what the producers describe on their website as "an unforgettable story of friendship, sacrifice, and love."

Visitors of this musical's website can discover the history of swing music, read a succinct synopsis of the play, and listen to selected songs (if you don't have RealPlayer software, you can download it from their site). The webpage also contains detailed biographies of the cast and creative team. Lucky visitors can even win tickets to the opening night performance in Chicago, and passes to the celebration that follows.

Those who are literally counting the seconds until the play's Broadway arrival can have a little help from the website's specially-synchronized cyber clock.

For those who plan to make good use of the cyber clock, have patience. offers a wonderful preview to quell your anticipation.

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