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The Amoralists Return This Summer With Two Plays Exploring Man's Vicious Cycles

The double bill will feature plays by Derek Ahonen and Mark Roberts at Walkerspace. logo
Derek Ahonen will appear this summer in his new play, The Qualification of Douglas Evans, at Walkerspace as part of The Amoralists' double bill The Gyre.

The Amoralists, the downtown theater troupe known for its uncompromising productions, will return this summer with The Gyre, a double bill of new plays by Derek Ahonen and Mark Roberts that explore man's vicious cycles. The productions will run at Walkerspace from June 26-August 9.

The Gyre includes Ahonen's The Qualification of Douglas Evans, directed by James Kautz, and Roberts' Enter at Forest Lawn, directed by Jay Stull. Both are world premieres.

Ahonen's drama explores the pleasures and pains of addiction and recounts the life of playwright Douglas Evans and his pursuit of acceptance in a world of women, family, and art. The cast includes Ahonen, Penny Bittone, Mandy Nicole Moore, Agatha Nowicki, Samantha Strelitz, Kelley Swindall, and Barbara Weetman.

Enter at Forest Lawn stars David Lanson, Sarah Lemp, Matthew Pilieci, Mark Roberts, and Anna Stromberg. The play explores a television personality's downward spiral into drugs, prostitution, and criminal activity, and the lengths that the show's producer will go to cover up his star's debauchery.

The creative team for both plays includes David Harwell (scenic design), Brad Peterson (lighting design), Lux Haac (costume design), Phil Carluzzo (sound design), Jeanne Travis (sound design), and Stephanie Cox-Williams (special effects).

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