The Gyre

Opened Jun 26, 2014
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A Two Play Repertory Exploring Man's Vicious Cycles

The Qualifications of Douglas Evans by Derek Ahonen
A surrealistic exploration of the pleasures and pains of addiction, The Qualification of Douglas Evans recounts the life of playwright Douglas Evans and his pursuit of acceptance in a warped world of women, family and art. From his trials as a wide-eyed teenager to his descent into the ills of artistic success, this is a coming-of-age tale of rock bottoms, bright skies and the will to rise above one's inner animal.

Enter at Forest Lawn by Mark Roberts
When America's favorite TV uncle heads into a downward spiral of drugs, prostitutes and criminal activity, how far will the show's megalomaniac producer go to cover up his star's debauchery, keeping the laughter coming and the money train on the tracks? Enter at Forest Lawn is a darkly comic peek inside the not-so-funny world of network television.

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