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Sirs Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen May Be Honorary New Yorkers, but They Don't Quite Get the Super Bowl

You can take the English gentleman out of the pitch, but you can't take the pitch out of the English gentlemen.

Like everyone living in New York this past week, Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen seem to have caught the Super Bowl bug. After all, it's impossible to walk through Times Square (or into any Duane Reade) without seeing the word "Football'' emblazoned across everything from T-shirts to trash cans. Rather charmingly, however, the two Brits seem to be a little confused. PatStew just Tweeted this photo of himself and his best mate wearing the right jerseys but with the wrong accoutrement.

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Sir Patrick Stewart and Sir Ian McKellen are looking forward to watching the Super Bowl following Sunday's matinee of Waiting for Godot.
(Photo via @SirPatStew)