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Noah Galvin Leads Holiday Audio Rom-Com Christmasuzannukkah

Amy Sedaris, Danny Tamberelli, and more are also featured in the December series from Meet Cute.

Noah Galvin stars in the audio rom-com Christmasuzannukkah.
(© David Gordon)

Broadway veteran Noah Galvin (Dear Evan Hansen, Booksmart) stars in Christmasuzannukkah, a new romantic comedy audio series from Meet Cute. Episodes of the six-part series will be released through December 23, with all six episodes currently available for Apple subscribers.

Galvin stars alongside actor, comedian, and author Amy Sedaris, as well as Danny Tamberelli, Torian Brackett, Eliza Hurwitz, and Olivia Miller. Christmasuzannukkah is written by Evan Horwitz and directed and produced by Vincent Cacchione.

The series is described as follows: "In Christmasuzannukkah, Noah (Galvin) has never loved the holidays. His mom, Suzanne (Sedaris), is a well-known journalist who, come the holidays, is never not baking a cake or building a wreath or wrapping a present in an effort to avoid intimacy with her children. His sister, Sam, is always on some social justice crusade that makes him feel like a bad person. Bracing himself for another lonely holiday surrounded by shouting people, Noah meets a handsome stranger at the General Store on his way into town: Eric. When Eric stops by the house, Suzanne invites him to dinner. The more the merrier, and besides, Suzanne likes nothing more than to introduce someone new to her very own holiday: Christmasuzannukkah. Noah hardly has time to be annoyed that Eric fits in the family better than he does because – in the barrage of things everyone wants to know about Eric – a bombshell: Eric has a boyfriend. Everyone learns what an open relationship is, except Noah, who learns that Christmasuzannukkah could be a whole lot worse than he's ever imagined."

Lucie Ledbetter and Amarlie Foster serve as Meet Cute's director of creative production and director of development, respectively.