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New Worlds Theatre Project to Present Adaptation of Yiddish Drama, Under the Cross logo
The cast of Under the Cross
(Courtesy of the company)
New Worlds Theatre Project will present the first ever English adaptation of the nearly century old Yiddish drama Under the Cross at the June Havoc Theater, June 3-25. David Winitsky will direct.

Set in the 1920's, the play centers on the troubled relationship between successful businessman Moshke Ferapontov and his son, Yakov. Moshke was born and raised Jewish until his rebellious behavior got him sent off to the Russian army, after which he converted to Christianity, settled in a rural village & married a devout Christian woman with whom he had Yakov. 25 years later, Moshke has found a young Christian bride for his son and underlying tensions between the two men erupt when Moshke begrudgingly opts to harbor a young Jewish woman fleeing a pogrom.

In this production, the play's only three Jewish characters are portrayed by African-American actors: Charles Roby as Moshke, Anthony Laurent as Yakov and Trish McCall as Rokh'l Leye. The cast will also feature Dan Bielinski, James Nugent, Caroline Ryburn, Timothy Roselle, and Sonja Rzepski.

The creative team will include scenic designer Bill Clarke, lighting designer Josh Benghiat, and costume designer James McDaniel.

For tickets and more information, click here.

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