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Marcelo Rodriguez to Join Off-Broadway Production of Midnight in Havana logo
Marcelo Rodriguez
Marcelo Rodriguez will join the cast of Robert Dominguez' Midnight in Havana, which will begin a series of Friday-evening performances on January 14 at the Snapple Theatre Center. Dominguez is directing his piece, which will have original music and musical direction by David N. Fernandez.

Rodriquez's stage credits include Don Juan Tenorio, Mozart, the Angel Amadeus, The Tempest, and Quién mató a Hector Lavoe?. Internationally, he has worked with such theater companies as Rajatabla, Compañía Nacional de Teatro de Venezuela, and Compañía Nacional de Teatro de España. In addition, he is the host of the WWE's Los Superastros.

The show focuses on the denizens of a nightclub in Havana in the hours before Castro comes to power in Cuba.

The company, as previously announced, will also feature Jeannie Sol, Eric Robledo, Alex Vallecillo Bone, Jaclyn Ramos, Catalina Plaza, Ydaiber Orozco, Tiffany Huet, Freia Canals, Wilson Flores, Scotty Batista, Justin Kircks and Luis Bordoy. The production will also feature the Latin orchestra Zon del Barrio.

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