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A moment from the W.O.W. Café
production of Judith Schray’s
The Lesbian Affairs
Sisters on Stage (S.O.S.) is now accepting applications from emerging and established lesbian playwrights who want to participate in its "Pages in Stages" mentoring workshops.

The eight-year-old nonprofit group of lesbian theater professionals launched its mentoring project in 1997, funded by grants from the Lower Manhattan Community Council and The Field. The Monday night workshops are co-sponsored by the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Community Center and will take place at the center, located at 208 West 13th Street in Manhattan. The series will begin in early 2003 and will culminate in a performance event of members' works in December 2003.

Each workshop will begin with a guest playwright spending an hour sharing her own work and discussing such topics as building dynamic characters, creating action, using autobiographical and/or historical information, developing diligent writing habits, and giving and taking constructive criticism. The latter topic might be especially trenchant, since the workshop participants spend the next two hours reading and critiquing each other's work.

Previous participants in S.O.S. workshops and panels have included the playwrights Sarah Schulman, Joan Nestle, Nancy Dean, Shirlene Holmes, Judith Schray, Lisa Marjorie Barnes, and Sandra Leon; singer-songwriter Carolyn Farhie; and Stomp co-producer Harriet Leve. Prospective workshop members may apply by calling Ana Ramon at 212-865-2754 or by sending an e-mail to [email protected] Applications must be received by December 10 for consideration.

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