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John Boehner is ‘Master of the House'

When Les Miz meets the just-averted fiscal cliff, it's a Tumblr win. logo

Obama says there's going to be hell to pay if Congress doesn't reach a decision…by the end of the day.

A new Tumblr, aptly named Les Fiscal Miserables has paired up some of Washington's famous (and anxious) faces with lyrics from the mega-musical-turned-blockbuster Les Miserables. Luckily, Les Miz opened the same week that the fiscal cliff disaster was occurring, and a budding Gavroche of the Interwebs had the stroke of genius to create this blog.

The blog appeared on December 31st, the day of the fiscal cliff deadline. The cliff was the day in which tax cuts were set to expire, in combination with government spending cuts. Congress needed to vote on whether to let these things expire (like Javert and his bridge), rather than extend them. (Is Congress "simply a game for rich young boys to play?") Enjolras and the barricade boys, or Congress, rather, voted to extend unemployment benefits and protect middle class taxpayers from tax increases.

Some highlights of this TheaterMania-approved meme are a frowning Paul Ryan channeling Marius' "Empty Chairs at Empty Tables," a photo of some congressional empty chairs and empty tables, a photo of a distraught Boehner contemplating "Javert's Suicide," and Barack and Michelle Obama drinking like the boys at the ABC Café.

Vive le Tumblr!

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