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Homies Forever! Check out Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen's Coney Island Souvenir

The two sirs are officially indistinguishable from teenagers, and it’s the greatest thing we’ve seen. logo

You might have thought that this charmingly patriotic photo was the best thing to come out of Sir Patrick Stewart and Sir Ian McKellen's recent trip to Coney Island. But not so! The sirs (or homies, as they prefer to be called) have been holding out on us! Sir Pat Stew recently Tweeted this soul-stirring photo of the two bosom buddies as the latest installment in their #gogodididonyc photo series.

Homies Forever
(Photo via @SirPatStew)

If you still can't get enough, you can feed your Patrick Stewart/Ian McKellen hunger by going to see their plays No Man's Land and Waiting for Godot on Broadway.