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Go to Sleep, Goddamnit! to See New York Premiere

The new play by The Krumple comes to America after a run in Norway.

A scene from the Krumple Theatre Company's Go to Sleep, Goddamnit!
(photo courtesy of the production)

Go to Sleep, Goddamnit!, a new play created and performed by the Krumple Theatre Company, will see its American premiere this spring at The Tank, with previews starting April 10 before its official opening on April 11.

Set in a small, provincial church that has no congregants, the show is about a disillusioned priest having an existential crisis while the church's three nuns unwittingly unleash the power of the Internet, tripping the switch on their own desires and ambitions. On top of all that, Noah's Ark appears with dinosaurs on it at the same time a plot is hatched to burn down the church.

The Krumple Theatre Company is an international collective of performers from Norway, France, and Brooklyn, made up of Oda Kirkebo Nyflott, Vincent Vernerie, Jo Even Bjorke, and Jon Levin. The company is committed to creating dynamic, daring physical work through expressive movement. The play comes to New York after having premiered at hte 2013 Camden People's Theatre in the United Kingdom, as well as in several theaters in Norway.

Go to Sleep, Goddamnit! is presented as part of The Tank's Flint & Tinder program, curated by Josh Luxenberg and Jon Levin of Sinking Ships productions.

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