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Flashback Friday: Sad There's Not a Single No-Neck Monster on this Year's List of Tony Noms?

Here's the most adorable Tony acceptance speech ever to fill the void.

Daisy Eagan accepting her 1991 Tony Award for Best Featured Actress in a Musical
So many kids on Broadway, but not a Tony nom in sight.

We thought for sure this was the year we'd see one of our pint-sized prodigies asking Neil Patrick Harris to lower the mic stand for an "aww"-inducing speech about the many years of love and support from grandparents and home-schooling teachers. With an Annie, four Matildas, the army of small children from A Christmas Story, and, of course the little no-necks themselves, surely one of these kids would win over the hearts of Tony nominators.

Unfortunately, this year's committee members decided to declare the Radio City Music Hall stage a child-free zone, giving no nominations to any of this season's young stars, and stopping just short of erecting a "You must be this tall to ride this ride" sign. (We can only hope that the quartet of Matildas will be able to take the floor to accept their special Tony Honors).

To counteract this unexpectedly childless list of Tony nominees, TheaterMania is offering a look back at the 11-year-old Daisy Eagan's tearful 1991 Tony acceptance speech (announced by a farsighted Audrey Hepburn) for her performance in The Secret Garden. This is not only one of the cutest Tony moments in Broadway history, but a fashion guide for all of this year's nominees — we expect to see some large bows and puffy sleeves on the red carpet.

(Additional note: Keep your eyes peeled for a special cameo by The Nance's Cady Huffman.)