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A Night with Walt Whitman to Feature Works by Bart Buch, Brian Selznick at HERE logo
A Scene from Bart Buch's
Ode to Walt Whitman
HERE Arts Center will host A Night with Walt Whitman, an evening of two puppetry works. Presented by the Dream Music Puppetry Program and curated by Basil Twist, the show will perform June 3-7.

Bart Buch's Ode to Walt Whitman is a puppet poem dialogue between Whitman and Federico Garcia Lorca within the context of a gay chat room. Hand puppets, a butterfly marionette, masks, grass bunraku puppets, toy theater, shadows, and video projections are all used to depict Whitman and Garcia Lorca chased through a surreal and tragic landscape accompanied by live electronica from Martin Dosh.

Brian Selznick's Live Oak, With Moss examines the sequence of poems that Walt Whitman wrote about his love affair with a man. The action all takes place entirely within a 3"x5" suitcase opening and is projected onto a screen.

For more information, call 212-352-3101 or visit

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