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Glengarry‘s Richard Schiff is Holding Broadway’s Alexandra Silber Hostage?

Alexandra Silber
Alexandra Silber
(© David Gordon)

Glengarry, Glen Ross star Richard Schiff has gone mad with power…on Twitter.

The award-winning actor, perhaps best known for his performance as Toby Ziegler on The West Wing, reportedly has a video of Broadway and West End veteran Alexandra Silber singing the hit TV series’ theme song, with lyrics she composed herself.

(The original “The West Wing Song,” used during the series’ opening credits, was a word-less W.G. Snuffy Walden overture.)

Silber recently attended the Glengarry revival and, following the performance, sang the song for Schiff, who documented it on film. Schiff has said he will release the video, but not until an appropriately belligerent amount of demand for it appears on Twitter.

“I will play #TWW song (recorded it) but only after intense tweet demand,” Schiff Tweeted.

She wrote the song as a college student in Glasgow, Scotland, watching the series on DVD with her then-boyfriend. “We basically developed The West Wing Song, the one of such glory and more, with harmonies, with different versions for each season, and we would look forward to the first 30 seconds of each episode to sing it,” Silber told TheaterMania.com (The lyrics, she notes, “are basically the names of the actors sung in alphabetical order,” with the music.)

Since Schiff and Silber first posted about it, demand has skyrocketed, and Silber’s Broadway comrades are also getting into the act:

“Dear @richard_schiff, We have never met but I feel confident we will be besties 4ever if you just post @alsilbs singin dat West Wing song,” wrote Julia Murney.

“He has all the power,” Silber added, “and he’s clearly enjoying his power.”

So we’re sending out a call to arms and demanding a release of the video. Tweet them @richard_schiff and @alsilbs with the hashtag #TWWSong.

Next move is on you, Schiff.

UPDATE: Saturday, October 27, 9:35am

<i>The West Wing Song</i> may never see the light of day unless Schiff's demands are met.
The West Wing Song may never see the light of day unless Schiff’s demands are met.
(Photo courtesy of Alexandra Silber)

Schiff is slowly releasing his list of demands in order for The West Wing Song to see the light of day.

“ONWARD MEN!/WOMEN! Activity heating up… IF YOU BUILD IT IT WILL COME!!!!!! And may be singing!! #TWWSONG #ransom #DEMAND#1 #DEMANDS,” the actor Tweeted early Saturday morning.

Meanwhile, Silber supplied us with the menacing hostage photograph above. It doesn’t look pretty.

UPDATE: Sunday, October 28, 3:24pm

Richard Schiff (center) with his co-conspirators: David Babani (left) and Alexandra Silber (right).
Richard Schiff (center) with his co-conspirators: David Babani (left) and Alexandra Silber (right).
(Photo courtesy of Alexandra Silber)

After a meeting with his co-conspirators Alexandra Silber and David Babani of London’s Menier Chocolate Factory, Richard Schiff has Tweeted his first demand for the release of The West Wing Song:

“DEMAND #1: Photo evidence of your devotion to #TWW and/or the release of #TWWSong. NO lazy photography!”

Could things be looking up?