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Watch: Anne Hathaway Sneaks Away in Les Misérables Movie Mistake

A sharp-eyed TikTok user spotted the error.

Anne Hathaway won an Academy Award for her performance in Les Misérables.
(© Janie Willison)

The 2012 movie version of Les Misérables came out almost a decade ago and it's still, to this day, prompting conversations.

While held to be divisive by some, we're personally massive fans of Tom Hooper's award-winning epic sweep, which was streets ahead of his next movie musical, the slightly less refined Cats.

But no movie is without its flaws, and a TikTok user has spotted one, committed by Academy Award-winner Anne Hathaway. Hathaway may want to echo Amanda Seyfried's sentiments when she says she wished she could have another stab at the show – knowing what she does now!

The mighty stage production of Les Mis continues at the Sondheim Theatre in the West End, while also on tour.

You can watch the video below – be warned – once it's been seen it cannot be unseen.

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P.S. – If the embed doesn't work please watch it here...