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Your Tweet Could Add Some Broadway to Hugh Jackman's Next Wolverine Movie

The Tony-winning X-Man asked for plot suggestions…and we’ve got some.

— Hugh Jackman (@RealHughJackman) July 27, 2015

Hugh Jackman's 16-year career as the muscle-milked, vein-popping Wolverine comes to an end with Wolverine 3, the comic book series' next installment, slated for a March 3, 2017 release. Fans are despairing but Jackman knows that nothing soothes a wound like good old-fashioned democracy. On Monday, the actor tweeted a plea to Marvel fans everywhere to send in plot suggestions for the upcoming film, opening the floor to the infinite expanse of the World Wide Web. Followers outside of the tri-state area may not be as familiar with the song-and-dance side of Jackman as those of us who have been following his Tony-winning Broadway career, so TheaterMania decided this could be the perfect opportunity to introduce the rest of the world to Hugh Jackman: X-Man and Showman. Here are just a few suggestions…and no, we did not abide by his suggested 50-word limit.

Wolverine 3: Logan vs. Audrey II

(image by Seth Walters)

Since Little Shop of Horrors debuted over 30 years ago, we've been wondering what happens next in Audrey II's plot for world domination. Perhaps it leads him to a battle royale with Wolverine, the only foe strong enough to take on the killer plant — or plants, as the case may be. Even if our juiced-up superhero is outmuscled, Logan can claw his way out of any botanical jam (Berserker Rage…duh) and then celebrate his victory with a hearty salad.

Wolverine 3: Old Man Godot

(image by Seth Walters)

Marvel Comics' Old Man Logan storyline from the Wolverine series will not be used for the next film, but that's no reason to discard the material altogether. The plot picks up 50 years in the future where the world's supervillains join together to destroy all superheroes. With Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart on hand as Magneto and Professor X, the X-Men franchise could capitalize on this Waiting for Godot reunion by throwing Jackman in the mix and making Wolverine the world-saving Godot we've all been waiting for. Culture for the masses!

Wolverine 3: The Boy From Canada

Jackman works his Peter Allen magic on Saraj Jessica Parker at the 2004 Tony Awards.
Jackman works his Peter Allen magic on Sarah Jessica Parker at the 2004 Tony Awards.

After a long, tiring career of crime-fighting, Logan retires to his Canadian motherland where he puts his hot bod to use on the cabaret circuit. Deadpool, Maverick/Agent Zero, John Wraith, Fantomex — the whole gang joins him for an evening of stories and torch songs. Jackman's gold lamé pants from his Tony-winning Peter Allen days may be a little snug, but it wouldn't be a Wolverine farewell tour without some Weapon XXX.