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Full Cast Set for Inside Private Lives at Fremont Centre Theatre logo
Eileen O'Connell as Brownie Wise
(© David Beall)
Full cast information has been announced for the upcoming production of Inside Private Lives, September 7-October 19. Directed by Lee Michael Cohn, the show was created by Kristin Stone.

Inside Private Lives is an interactive piece where audience members can meet the likes of cult leaders, celebrities, political operatives, sports figures, and other newsmakers of the 20th century. Six figures are featured at every performance.

The cast will include Freddy Douglas as King Edward VIII, Molly Hagan as Aimee Semple MacPherson, Leonora Gershman as Julia Phillips, Maddisen Krown as Jane Roberts, Adam Lebow as Elia Kazan, Mary MacDonald as Marge Schott, Diana Morrison as Ann Landers, Eileen O'Connell as Brownie Wise, Paul Thomas Ryan as Bobby Sands, Bryan Safi as Billy Carter, Kristin Stone as Christine Jorgensen, David Shofner as David Koresh, and Sheila Wolf as Wallis Simpson.

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