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Ruby Wax and Judith Owen's new show Ruby Wax - Losing It will play West End's Duchess Theatre, August 31-October 1, according to

Thea Sharrock directs the production, in which Wax's sharp style and Owen's songs are applied to not only mental illness and the stigma which surrounds it, but also such corollary subjects as the insatiable drive to win, getting rich, getting the perfect body, marriage, kids, and career.

Wax has worked for the BBC over the past 25 years, on documentaries, interview shows, and comedies, including a period as script editor for Aboslutely Fabulous. In addition, the comedienne is a travel writer and journalist.

Owen might be best known as the voice of Richard Thompson's 1000 Years of Popular Music. Her latest album The Beautiful Damage Collection features some songs heard in the show.

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