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Quaran-QUEEN Q&A: Find Out How the Stars of Broadway's Six Are Spending Their Time

This is the first edition of our Quarantine Q&A series.

Broadway stars are just like us. They're even quarantined in their homes the same way we are. So we decided to poll some of our favorite actors to see how they're spending their time. Here's what we learned from the six queens of Six.

Abby Mueller, Samantha Pauly, Adrianna Hicks, Andrea Macasaet, Brittney Mack, and Anna Uzele star in Six.
(© Liz Lauren)

Favorite quarantine snack:

Adrianna Hicks (Catherine of Aragon): Boom-Chicka-Pop Sweet and Salty Kettle Corn

Andrea Macasaet (Anne Boleyn): Popcorn, berries, and chips

Abby Mueller (Jane Seymour): Lesser Evil Vegan Cheese Paleo Puffs

Brittney Mack (Anna of Cleves): WINE!!!

Samantha Pauly (Katherine Howard): Pizza bagels, puppy chow, chips and dip.

Anna Uzele (Catherine Parr): Dried mangos

Favorite media binge:

Adrianna: Currently, I'm rewatching The Tudors! LOL!

Andrea: Netflix — On My Block. Hulu — Little Fires Everywhere

Abby: I've been a fan for years, but now more than ever I'm very grateful for Yoga With Adriene on YouTube. And of course, HGTV.

Brittney: I am actually bingeing all of Jane Austen's books on Audible and watching the films that have been adapted as a result. I am also watching all of Robert Townsend's films — B.A.P.S., Meteor Man, etc.

Samantha: Right now I'm really into Ozark, Little Fires Everywhere, and Dollface.

Anna: The New York Times Daily podcast and Containment on Netflix

Weirdest bulk purchase:

Adrianna: Pencils. I figured that I would be doing a LOT of writing.

Andrea: Peanut butter

Abby: I haven't bought anything in bulk. It's unnecessary and inconsiderate to your fellow humans!

Brittney: Not sure if it's weird... but mini cucumbers are my JAM!

Samantha: Pre-workout powder and EmergenC Immune packets

Anna: Puppy wee-wee pads

Most essential wardrobe item:

Adrianna: Sweatpants

Andrea: Basketball Shorts

Abby: Sweatpants

Brittney: My eye mask!!!

Samantha: Sweatpants. Over sized T-shirts. More sweatpants.

Anna: Sweaters constantly because I'm always cold!

Complete the sentence based on how you're currently feeling: "Alexa, play ___"

Adrianna: Old '80s and '90s R&B hits

Andrea: "All by Myself" by Celine Dion

Abby: Dolly Parton

Brittney: Gregory Porter

Samantha: Ariana Grande

Anna: The Fantasia soundtrack