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Eric Chien and Dom Chambers Give Us a Magical Glimpse of the Illusionists

The magic show is back for another year, this time at Broadway’s Neil Simon Theatre.

The Illusionists – Magic of the Holidays is currently running at Broadway's Neil Simon Theater, and cast members Dom Chambers and Eric Chien recently gave us a glimpse of what the show has to offer.

Watch Chien perform some close-up magic:

Chambers takes the stage for a beery good time:

Joining the America's Got Talent semifinalists Chris Cox ("The Mentalist"), Kevin James ("The Inventor"), Enzo Weyne ("The Unforgettable"), Paul Dabek, ("The Trickster"), and Verba Shadow Theatre.

Simon Painter is the creative producer, with Tim Lawson as the executive producer. MagicSpace Entertainment and the Works Entertainment are producers.

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