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Day 2 of the #BwayHandWashChallenge: Broadway Fans, It's Your Turn!

Watch videos of theater fans across the country doing their own version of the challenge. And thanks for the shoutout, Good Morning America!

Our #BwayHandWashChallenge continues, and we were surprised this morning when we saw it mentioned on Good Morning America! Check out our mention:

Recap: We challenged Broadway stars to wash their hands while singing a showtune to fundraise for a theater-related charity, and then tag three of their friends to do the same.

We know theater fans around the country want to participate too, and now its your turn. Wash your hands, sing a showtune, tag your friends, donate to your theater-related charity of choice. It could be a regional theater, it could be Broadway Cares, it could be your high school's drama department. Consider this your tag.

If you want some inspiration before you start, here are some videos to check out from around the country.

Gimbey dela Cruz, who's pretty "Astonishing"

Claire McConnell, who doesn't need any help with this killer "SOS"

Jacob Frenyea, realizing that "Every Rose Has Its Thorn"