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Broadway Shockers 2016: Grumpy Cat Makes Broadway History…in Cats

The worlds of Grumpy and Jellicle cats collide at the Neil Simon Theatre.

She wasn't the first nonhuman member of the animal kingdom to add a Broadway credit to her résumé (the 2012-13 season made sure of that). No, Grumpy Cat's landmark accomplishment of 2016 was slightly more niche, but no less impressive.

According to official press materials, on September 30 at the Neil Simon Theatre, Grumpy Cat became "the first genuine feline to join the cast of Cats on Broadway." The thought of a real cat playing a human playing a cat with the human capabilities of song and dance is almost too meta to comprehend — so thankfully, Grumpy Cat's role for the evening involved only a curtain call from the furry bosom of Old Deuteronomy. And that's what makes a G(r)umpy Cat…

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