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8 Lazy Broadway Halloween Costumes Straight From Your Closet

You don't need to go out of your way to dress like these theatrical characters.

It's Halloween. You've got a party tonight. And you woke up this morning with a pit in your stomach that can only mean one thing: You never picked a costume.

Worry no more because we have eight of the laziest Broadway-themed costume ideas that can be cooked up from even the most basic of wardrobes. Get your jeans, flannels, and muted sweaters ready — because you're about to crush Halloween!

1. Tom Hiddleston from Betrayal

Tom Hiddleston in Betrayal.
(© Marc Brenner)

Pecs-accentuating black sweater, black dress pants, and a look of existential dread. That's all you really need to hit the mark and dress as Tom Hiddleston from the new Broadway revival of Harold Pinter's Betrayal. You get bonus points if you also have the right kind of mousse to give those wavy locks the perfect amount of sexy.

2. Eurydice from Hadestown

Eva Noblezada in Hadestown.
(© Matthew Murphy)

Temperature regulation is a big problem on cold Halloween nights. But not if you're dressed as Eurydice. She's got a nice thick coat and chunky combat boots to keep her warm. And then when things start to heat up with Orpheus, she's got some lighter layers underneath. If you're any kind of Brooklyn hipster, your regular wardrobe should be plenty to cobble together this costume.

3. David Ruffin from Ain't Too Proud — The Life and Times of the Temptations

Ephraim Sykes in Ain't Too Proud.
(© Matthew Murphy)

While the white suspenders might be a little tough to wrangle, anyone who has ever gone to a fancy social event has the David Ruffin costume somewhere in their closet. So get that sleek black suit and crisp white shirt out of the mothballs and "get ready" to go to that party.

4. Laurey from Oklahoma!

Rebecca Naomi Jones in Oklahoma!
(© Little Fang)

Aside from the new perspective on an old classic, Daniel Fish's pared-down revival of Oklahoma! has given us a plethora of simple options for Halloween. Throw on a flannel and some medium wash jeans and you're all set for a spooky night at the box social.

5. Michael Park from Life, but also Dear Evan Hansen

Michael Park in Dear Evan Hansen.
(© Tricia Baron)

Dads, if you don't know how to dress to take your kid trick-or-treating, consider dressing as Michael Park, the quintessential Broadway dad. You either need a navy-blue polo and khakis, or a light-colored dress shirt and black pants. Sprinkle some talcum powder in your hair for the full silver fox experience.

6. Sky and Sophie from Mamma Mia!

Elena Ricardo and Jon Jorgenson in Mamma Mia!
(© Nessie Nankivell)

Mamma Mia! has so many outrageously spandex costumes, but it's the simplest one that always caught our eye: Sophie and Sky's white shirt/khaki pants combo from the finale Megamix. Get ready to groove to "Waterloo" with the most fashion-forward outfit possible.

7. Lauren from Kinky Boots

Annaleigh Ashford in Kinky Boots.
(© Matthew Murphy)

You do need a green T-shirt for this one, but if anything on the seafoam-to-emerald spectrum is in your wardrobe, you should be good to go. Just pair it with bootcut jeans, grab your fanny pack (we know you have one), and throw some loafers on your hands and you're ready to continue building your history of wrong guys.

8. Emma from The Prom

Isabelle McCalla and Caitlin Kinnunen in The Prom.
(© Deen van Meer)

Thank god for Emma's affinity to flannel. Especially if you're a girl with short-ish blond hair and glasses. You'll be super cozy all night…and you can sing your pick-up line: "I just wanna dance with you."


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