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What IS Networking, Anyways? (and 5 Tips for How to Do It Well)
By Amanda Charney · Oct 2, 2012
Amanda Charney pledges Delta Kappa Alpha, a pre-professional cinema fraternity, and ruminates on what it means to meet people with whom you share common interests.
Top 10 Artists Who Inspire Me: Part 2
By Allison Schwartz · Oct 2, 2012
Allison Schwartz continues to describe the men and women who have helped her along her artistic journey.
APO Pledge Week
By Alexa Doggett · Oct 1, 2012
Alexa Doggett reveals details surrounding her attempts to get into the national honor society for college students studying theater.
NYU School of Law to Host Reading of Broadway Impact's 8
By Bethany Rickwald · Sep 28, 2012
NYU School of Law is set to host a free reading of the American Foundation for Equal Rights and Broadway Impact's 8, October 4 at 7 pm at NYU School of Law in Vanderbilt ...
Start of Something New
By Nicole Pietrangelo · Sep 27, 2012
University of Alabama junior Nicole Pietrangelo joins the ranks of TMU bloggers and tells you about her personal artistic journey.
"Stuck Like a Dope with a Thing Called Hope": The NECESSITY of Actors and Theatre
By Timothy Thompson · Sep 26, 2012
Timothy Thompson draws inspiration from the Rodgers and Hammerstein tune, "A Cockeyed Optimist."
Asian? It's a Spectrum! (Part One)
By Ran Xia · Sep 26, 2012
Ran Xia considers the lack of Asian American representation on stage.
It Gets Better Musical to Debut at the University of Iowa
By Bethany Rickwald · Sep 25, 2012
It Gets Better actors Sacha Sacket, Jason Currie, Tyler Houston, Mario Mosley, and Tod Macofsky (courtesy of GMCLA) Gay Men'...
Roma al final de la vía: an International Theater Experience
By Amanda Charney · Sep 25, 2012
Norma Angélica and Julieta Ortiz in Roma al final de la vía (courtesy of the company) Little did I know that there was a theater just down the street from USC that would ...
The Top 10 Artists Who Inspire Me: Part 1
By Allison Schwartz · Sep 25, 2012
Allison Schwartz details why these amazing people have impacted her artistic life.