Daniel Radcliffe and Will Kemp in Equus(© Alastair Muir) Excellence can sometimes be present within a setting of general mediocrity. Though the revival of
To the Lighthouse
This stage adaptation of Virginia Woolf's groundbreaking 1927 novel simply cannot overcome its built-in obstacles.
Los Angeles
Julian Sheppard's play at the Flea makes the now-familiar descent into Hollywood debauchery seem fresh and engaging.
Howard Katz
Alfred Molina gives an engaging performance as the unhappy title character of Patrick Marber's less-than-mesmerizing drama.
Lari White: My First Affair
The Grammy-winning star of Ring of Fire makes a very auspicious cabaret debut at the Algonquin Hotel's Oak Room.
Robert Longbottom's revival of the hit 1961 musical is colorful, vibrant, and extremely well-cast.
Anna Ziegler's insightful drama explores the complex relationship between two best friends.
Sealed for Freshness
Doug Stone's comedy about a Tupperware party is as airless and plastic as the product it talks about.
Journey's End
David Grindley's revival of R.C. Sherriff's play about Brits in World War I is explosive.
Oliver Twist
Neil Bartlett's delightful stage adaptation of Charles Dickens' classic casts off the novel's sentimental goo.