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Woolly Mammoth Introduces Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity-Inspired Video Game logo
Woolly Mammoth's Powerbomb! game is inspired by the stage show The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity
Woolly Mammoth has announced Powerbomb!, an online video game inspired by season opener The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity by Kristoffer Diaz.

In the game, players are introduced to "THE Wrestling Champion Chad Deity" and "The Mace", the hardworking "jobber" who makes the champ look good in the ring. Players who successfully "put over" Chad Deity win a discounted ticket to the production, playing September 3-30.

The video game is a result of The Black Women Playwrights' Group's Cyber Narrative Project, an initiative aimed at partnering playwrights of color with technology students to create cyber-narrative tools that enhance live productions of their plays.

You can play the game at


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