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Theater J presents The Rise and Fall of Annie Hall, a comedy by Sam Forman. Henry Blume is an enterprising librettist with a great idea and the moxie to pull it off. He and his writing partner, dream of making a musical adaptation of the Woody Allen classic film Annie Hall. But complications ensue as he's compelled to betray his girlfriend, his best friend and his own biography in a scheme to secure the rights through the daughter of Woody Allen's former producer. He stalks her on Facebook and eventually wins permission to make the musical with a composer who is a star of the New York theater world. It's only then that he sees his love life---not to mention his moral integrity---begin to crumble. This hilarious comedy about skyscraper ambitions and finding one's way in a celebrity-driven town is as modern as it gets, with late night text messaging, wayward Googling, and a keen ear tuned to the ways of a new generation of artists. Original music for the production was written by singer-songwriter Gabriel Kahane.

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